A brief introduction about me, my artistic style, and my work: 

“Pavel Shynkarenko is a forward-thinking meta-modernistic artist and entrepreneur who explores the fascinating intersection of technology and human creativity. In his groundbreaking “Human and AI Collaborative Art” project, Shynkarenko unites the talents of human artists with artificial intelligence systems, resulting in a harmonious fusion of abstract images and photography. This innovative approach invites viewers to contemplate the evolving relationship between humans and AI, question the nature of artistic expression, and consider the potential of AI integration in contemporary artistic practices.

By delving into meta-modernist ideas, oscillating between opposites like irony and sincerity, and subjectivity and objectivity, Shynkarenko’s work transcends traditional artistic boundaries. His project showcases the creative synergy that emerges from human-AI collaboration, sparking essential questions about the nature of art and creativity in our rapidly evolving world. Through his thought-provoking creations, Pavel Shynkarenko challenges perceptions and offers a fresh perspective on the role of technology in art”